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Things change frequently. I believe in storing current information about myself in the source of truth. So:

Want to learn more about my career? Find me on LinkedIn.
Want to know my preferences about things? Check me out on Twitter.

If you have additional questions, check out this awesome post from one of my role models and mentors, Lauren Jordan.

Speaking of role models and mentors... If you don't have a few, please find them.
  • A role model can be anyone who does something you'd like to do (for example: running fast, coding well, is a technical architect, drives a stick -- those are things I'd like to do/be or have learned to do/be).
  • A mentor is someone who can coach you to your goal.
Find both. Get both. Sometimes, they can be the same person! If you want tips/tricks on this, please tweet me! I feel like this is something I'm really good at. #HumbleBrag

My mentors and role models are amazing. They're inspiring and challenge me to be a better person. I look to them when I'm unsure about a situation and want to make sure my head is on straight. I credit them for most of my professional career, actually. Without my mentors, I'm not sure what I'd be doing. Without my role models, I'm not sure I would have met my mentors.

You may already have role models and mentors. Once you find them, it's critical to continually foster these special relationships, and evaluate the health of the relationships every few months.

If you see an opportunity that makes sense for a mentor to know about, pass to them. This can be professional or otherwise. In a mentor-mentee relationship, don't be a taker. Be a giver, an asker, and an accepter. Give your mentor good reason to engage with you. (Also, be yourself. If you have to force it through a relationship, maybe it's time to find a different mentor.)

TL;DR sharing is caring.

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