Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Why Do I Care About Employee Engagement?

NOTE: I first shared this as one of those annoying, weird-white-spaced LinkedIn posts. That's why it is in a weird format.

Think about the time you've spent at work over the years - from your very first job until today. 

Can you think of a team you liked best? Second best? Third? 

What do those teams have in common? 

Were these teams successful?

Were team members engaged?

Employee engagement strongly influences team and company success. Yet, in a 2017 Gallup poll, it was revealed that only 36% of employees are actively engaged. Yikes. 

Gallup estimated a disengaged employee costs roughly  $3400 per 10K in salary.  Considering this is 64% of the workplace we're talking about... That's both terrifying and expensive.

Good news: Every employee, including you, can have a positive impact on employee engagement. As SHRM lays out in the linked article below, engagement is a multifaceted ingredient for success that can be influenced by anyone within the culture.

SO, what are you doing to have a positive impact on your company's employee engagement?

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